Adobe Creative Suite for Departments

Adobe Creative Cloud

The University signed an ETLA Adobe agreement in May 2014 and our responsibilities for control and audit are different then past agreements. In addition, Adobe has moved to a subscription model versus a perpetual model. In the old perpetual model, you owned your software and you had rights to use it in a particular way. In the subscription model, you are paying to use the software for a period of time.

To meet the control and audit terms of the license, Mason will deliver software to you via the MESA or CASPER software tools and stores. These are very similar to the iTunes APP store in that your software is in a tool that you can retrieve and reload should you need to. In addition, when new releases are announced, they will be added to your software store for you to use when needed.

If you are not connected to MESA or CASPER it would be quickest to initiate a call to the ITS Support Desk x38870 and get connected. You will need your MESA/CASPER host name to initiate your software request.

You are purchasing a right to use the Adobe software applications until the license expires (May 2017). Adobe has lumped products available under the ETLA into two categories –

  1. Acrobat – $90
  2. Creative Cloud $390 (any Application(s) in the Creative Cloud suite for use through the contract term (May 2017).

Use this form to initiation a new purchase. A new purchase will cover a new user, or an existing user that wants to continue to get updated applications through the contract term.

Mason signed the Adobe ETLA agreement which allows departments to purchase for use, Adobe products at substantial savings through Patriot Tech. The licenses are distributed via Mason servers.

Users will have access to the latest version of the Adobe Creative Applications product until the contract expires in May 2017. At that time, all software use rights expire and the products will have to be removed if a replacement license isn’t signed. You are paying for a right to use until May 2017. This type of subscription license is becoming quite common. If this contract is renewed in May 2017 you may choose to renew your licenses and continue to receive future updates. Otherwise you will have to remove your software.

Each department is responsible for the purchase of all products installed. A user/system licenses must be purchased for each computer the software is installed on and assigned to a responsible administrator. Mason’s servers using CASPER/SCCM will make the software available to the named user for download. It is highly recommend that departments or persons managing multiple computers keep detailed records of their installations.

Users with prior Adobe products purchased under the CLP agreement, have perpetual licenses. You own these for your use, however they are no longer being updated. This may present potential issues (security and otherwise) and it is highly recommended that you remove these products once you install your new cloud licenses.

Generally we find users cluster in the following groups. These were created to help you pick and choose products as a group or a la carte if you prefer. Acrobat Pro users can “upgrade” their purchase ($300) to a Creative user should they need to.

The catagory groups and products available include:

  • Acrobat – Acrobat
  • Lightroom – Lightroom 5
  • Design User – Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash Pro, Bridge, Media Encoder
  • Web User – Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Pro, Photoshop, Bridge, Media Encoder
  • Web & Design User – Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash Pro, Bridge, Media Encoder
  • Production User – Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Pro, After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro, Speed Grade, Prelude, Encore, Bridge, Media Encoder

To initiate a departmental purchase request, please use the Departmental Adobe Order Form

FAQs about Departmental Adobe Agreement

  • Orders
    Complete a purchase request and send to Patriot Tech. Be sure to include all end user information.
  • Prices
    You will need to purchase a license (right to use) for each machine/user you wish to install the software on.

    • Most departments will want to purchase licenses for loading on single machines. If you want to load software in a lab, please contact for a discussion on your needs.
    • The price list and terms are subject to change without notice.
    • Products are licensed for the contract term (May 2017). At the end of the term, all software will be required to be removed or the user will have to re-enroll for a fee for the new term, if a new contract is signed. Future information will be conveyed as it is known.
  • Minimum Order
    There is no minimum order.
  • Minimum Re-order
    There is no minimum re-order.
  • Mix and Match
    If you purchase a creative license you may install part or all of the creative applications on the computer. You may not install individual parts onto separate machines.
  • Delivery of software for individual users/machines will be via the Mason SCCM (MESA) or Casper servers. Updates will be posted when available to the SCCM/Casper servers and made available to each registered user/machine. Again, you may only install the software on the systems you licensed.
  • Tech Support
    Support for connecting to Mason to retrieve your software is provided by the ITS Support Center.
  • Concurrency
    This item no longer exists
  • Second Use Rights or WAH (Work at Home) of a license
    This is no longer available. Each install requires a license/payment fee. Personal copies of the software for use on personally owned equipment is available at a significant savings. Email for details
  • Trial Downloads
    You will need to uninstall this prior to installing your licensed software or identify this in the comments of the order. Dual versions will not load and run correctly.
  • Return Policy
    Returns are not allowed.
  • Miscellaneous Information
    Products and pricing can change without notice. Agreement expires May 2017.