Our full line-up of Apple products can be found on our eStore.

In general, most new computers will meet the needs of most students provided they have a current i5 processor. The i3 processors are insufficient for the professional needs of students. University level work is considered professional, and technology is an integral part of each students daily life. Some departments have higher computer requirements or recommendations. Details regarding these additional requirements can be found on the front page of the eStore.

Download the Tech Guide for up-to-date information on purchasing and other useful information. Guides for understanding warranty options can be found on our Service and Repair page. Following are the two most popular models of MacBook. Depending on personal preference a larger (heavier) screen may be preferred. In addition, students in engineering and some areas of the School of Art need larger screens and more powerful processors. Options between these two configurations are available.

Most popular

Larger screen, faster processor

MBPRO-13_400 MBPRO-15_400

13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

Starting at $1199.00

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Starting at $1699.00

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Can’t find what your looking for? You can purchase directly from Apple’s education store. However, you will not be eligible for loaner equipment from us and your extended warranty costs may be higher. In addition, when you purchase on campus, your money stays on campus and goes back to services that directly support you as a Mason community member in terms of services, scholarships, and loans. If at all possible, be sure to shop on campus to support you and the Mason community. Click Here for more information.