What’s your digital net worth?

Think about it. How much did your computer cost? How many hours will you invest in term papers, homework and study material? How many songs, movies, and other irreplaceable items would you lose if your computer was stolen?

Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops Student Edition is the industry leading software-based theft recovery and identity protection service that can track, locate, and recover stolen computers.

Theft Recovery

In the event of theft, contact CompuTrace®. The next time your laptop connects to the internet, the LoJack® Theft Recovery Team will forensically mine your computer using a variety of procedures to determine who has your computer. Once they locate it, they will work closely with local police agencies to recover your property and return it to you.

Identity Protection Service

Protect your privacy by remotely deleting sensitive information from your computer.

$1000 Service Guarantee

Receive up to $1000 if they are unable to recover your computer or perform the data delete service. Some conditions apply. For more details see the Service Agreement.

More Information

Starting at $49/1 yr – $119/4 yr  of Monitoring Available for purchase in store and on line.

Installation Required (more information)

LoJack Technical Support

Report a Theft: call 1-877-337-0337